Posted by: Yvonne | December 15, 2008

The Voice

Chris Rosebrough over at Extreme Theology has started to review a new Bible called, The Voice.  This ‘Bible’, 

“is the product of the best minds in this emerging generation of Christian leaders. Together they are helping young people fall in love with the Scriptures. Instead of confining God’s Word in the framework of biblical criticism, The Voice™ highlights the beauty of God’s communication to His people. In The Voice™, the voice of God is heard as clearly as when He first revealed His truth. This is the first-ever complete New Testament in The Voice™ translation. Writers include Chris Seay, Lauren Winner, Brian McLaren, Greg Garrett, David B. Capes, and others.”   (Amazon)    ~emphasis mine~

Apparently, the emergents do not like the versions that we have been using for centuries, so they have decided to make a better one. 

Check out the first two installments of the review here and here.




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