Posted by: Yvonne | December 9, 2008

Misguided Movie Mess

twilight-movie-posterThe movie, ‘Twilight’, has caused quite a stir in the blogsphere especially within Christian circles.  Now I use the term ‘Christian’  lightly because some of us seem to be struggling with worldly pleasures. 

Here are some examples:

Focus on the Family has a movie review site called Plugged In.    Under their subtitle, ‘Spiritual Content’  the reviewer opines that… 

 “within the context of a monster mash such as this, we can see a reflection of the Christian calling to put away the old man of sin and embrace the new one—a path that while straight and narrow, is certainly more difficult to walk.”   

This apparently is what the vampire and his family coven is attempting by sucking the blood of  animals instead of humans??!!   Incredible!

The women at Christian Stay At Home Moms blog apparently love this movie.  In her final summary she says, 

“If you ask me I would be more willing to let my 13 year old daughter watch this movie than MTV because the relationship between the two main characters really is a healthy one. There is really not a whole lot of emphasis on being in a sexual relationship, and there are a couple of scenes where you see them just talking with each other. I was very impressed by the positive relationship between the two, I think it’s good for teenagers to see that to be a couple you don’t have to have sex and make out all the time – or at all!
All in all I give this movie 3 out of 4 stars because I thought it was a great movie!

Warning:  Do not attempt to comment on that blog unless you agree with her position.  😦

 Another positive review that I found was from ChristianAnswers.Net.  Although this review does defer serious discussion of positive and negative aspects of the movie to parents, it would seem there is a lack of biblical concern when I read statements like…

“The offensive content in the film is surprisingly and refreshingly mild. I did not hear any curse words, and the Lord’s name was only profaned about two times. If viewers are offended by the thought of seeing vampires in a film, then do not see it. Seeing the folklore on the big screen does not offend me because it is not glorified since Edward often called himself a monster.

The main offense could have easily come from sexual references, but the film kept it very mild. Edward and Bella only kiss twice. They do share a sensual kiss in her bedroom. When their kiss begins to intensify, Edward quickly pulls away. After this, the audience can briefly see that Bella is in a shirt and panties. The second kiss is very clean and brief near the end of the film.”


The most serious concern of all is that NOT ONE of these Christian ministries viewed this movie through the lens of Scripture!  

Can anyone explain that to me, please?






  1. It’s the frog in the kettle syndrome. We keep allowing more and more junk to fill our minds until we don’t realize what junk is. When I wrote Christianity Today about their favorable review, they responded that I was being judgmental.

    Scripture says we are to judge all things, so I am proud to be judgmental. And, I am glad to see you are, too!

  2. i wonder what will be more successful/popular in the long run, Twilight or Harry Potter


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