Posted by: judy | December 8, 2008

What a few men think about the Twilight movie

Praise God that there are some discerning men, husbands and fathers. We need more men to raise their voices above the ‘noise’ of the culture!

Let’s see, a movie wherein the focus of a 16-year-old girls love/lust is a demonic person. He tells her he’s dangerous and a killer and she say’s she doesn’t care. (does that mean marrying an abusive man is okay?). She discovers he is in her bedroom watching her and instead of calling the police she aggressively attempts to have sex with him. So are telling our daughters that as long as you like the guy it’s okay for him to show up in your bedroom and that you should go ahead and have sex with him? Christians are being deceived by this – did Christ die for us so we could fill our children’s heads with this stuff?”
–Glenn E. Chatfield

As a father of a 12 year old, i am truly sad that this movie has been reviewed in such a positive light, yes while it may be a good story and a good movie, you can not leave out the fact that it is young love/sex, evil in the form of vampires and not an age appropriate movie for its audience. With those three facts and the fact that God tells us to abhor evil and flee it, this movie and the books should be forced into the open and confronted like we the Christians have done for the Harry Potter series and for the shack.
–God bless, A Christian stay at Home dad

Seriously, what bible does everyone read? It would appear, not the one I read…..This isn’t harmless kid stuff. Teach your children the truth and protect them from this demonic garbage.
— Dan Allan

What does your husband think?





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